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Please review the following terms and conditions relating to this reservation.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please review the terms and conditions relating to this reservation.



2. PAYMENTS. All reservations made less than 30 days prior to check-in must be paid in full. Payment may be made in the form of money order, certified or cashier’s check.  Credit Card payments are also accepted ($39.95 processing fee).  NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED LESS THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL DATE.   Balance payment at check-in is not permitted. A service charge of $35 will be added for any check returned to us for any reason and this Lease Agreement will be cancelled if payment is not received within 24 hours of notification by Agent to Tenant. A $75 non-refundable Administrative fee will be charged for each reservation.

3. CANCELLATION/TRANSFER. In the event Tenant must cancel this Lease Agreement, a $50 non-refundable Cancellation fee and your written signed authorization must be received first. Once your entire reservation is successfully re-rented for the same amount as your Lease Agreement with confirmed payment, your rent Amount paid (less administrative fee, cancellation fee, travel insurance premium and any other applicable fees) will be refunded. If the reservation is not re-rented, all payments will be forfeited. Tenant is responsible for making full payment whether reservation is cancelled or not. Travel Insurance is highly recommended.  Transfer from one unit to another is a re-rent of the first reservation and all above re-rent rules apply. Date transfers in this unit will be charged a $75 moving fee and charged the difference in rental rate if any; rental payments will be applied to your new week.

4. TENANT DUTIES. (a) This property may not be assigned or re-rented, even to the Tenant’s family, without written consent of Agent. If written consent is obtained, Tenant shall re-rent through Agent. The Tenant shall comply with all duties prescribed by the Lease Agreement and keep the premises clean, safe and cause no unsafe or unsanitary conditions on the premises that Tenant uses and promptly notify Agent of any moisture accumulation or visible evidence of mold discovered by Tenant. During this Lease Agreement, Tenant will admit Agent upon request to inspect the property and will admit repairmen authorized by Agent for repair or maintenance of premises or the building in which the premises are located. Tenant’s non-compliance with these duties shall be grounds for immediate eviction. Tenant will pay for service call when a repairman is called out and there is no malfunction.  (b) DAMAGE/REPAIR. Agent, Owner or their employees for the purpose of clean up or repair may remain on the premises until 7 pm on the date this Lease Agreement commences. TENANT WILL REPORT ALL NEEDED REPAIRS TO AGENT IMMEDIATELY; or Tenant will be held responsible for repairs. The Damage Waiver Premium will cover you for UNINTENTIONAL and/or UNNEGLIGENT damage under $3000.  It is important to report any damage to the Office immediately.  The Office will provide the Claim form.  (c) CHECK-IN TIME is after 4:00 PM.  Please plan your arrival accordingly.  (d) CHECK OUT.  Tenant(s) must be checked out prior to 10 AM.  Failure to check out promptly will result in one (1) day pro rated rent being charged on your account.   At check-out, Tenant will straighten beds, and remove household trash, leave all kitchenware clean, surrender possession of this property peaceably and without delay in as good condition as it was at check-in, reasonable wear and tear, act of God and/or other causes over which Tenant has no control excepted and return keys to Agent’s office.  If extra cleaning is required after Tenant vacates, a cleaning fee of at least $100 will be assessed to the Tenant. If furnishings have been moved and require a service call to move them back, Tenant will be charged at least $100 for the service call.  (e) Tenant acknowledges that each unit is individually owned and any items, furnishings, etc. are not to be moved from one unit to another.

5. NO ANIMALS of any kind shall be allowed in/on any unit.  Violation shall be grounds for immediate eviction. Tenant will forfeit all rent paid and will be liable for at least a $250 flea spray and cleaning charge.

6. AGENT/OWNER DUTIES. Agent for the Owner shall maintain premises in good and safe working order and reasonably repair all major systems and appliances upon written notice from Tenant (may call first) when repairs are needed. Agent shall provide operable smoke detectors; however, Tenant agrees to inspect/test smoke detectors upon entry into the unit, to notify Agent of any deficiency, and shall not tamper or disable the smoke detectors. If at the time the Tenant is to begin occupancy, Agent cannot provide the property in a fit and habitable or substitute a reasonably comparable property in such condition, Agent shall refund to the Tenant payments made by the Tenant less non-refundable fees. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of home descriptions; however, Agent will not be liable for changes in furnishings and equipment. No rebates or replacements will be given. Agent shall conduct all his brokerage activities in regard to this Agreement without respect to the race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or handicap, of any Tenant, prospective Tenant, Owner or prospective Owner.

7. INDEMNIFICATION. Tenant agrees he will immediately make an inspection of the property to determine any condition that may result in injury to him or his family or guests, and notify Agent thereof, and he will indemnify Dolphin Run Condominium Association, Agent, and/or the Owner for any injuries, accidental or otherwise, that may be incurred or suffered upon the premises for any cause whatsoever during the term of this agreement.

8. EXTRAS. Extras (Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, Stereo, etc.) and telephones when advertised or supplied in a vacation property are supplied as a convenience for Tenant and guest use. In the event of a malfunction or breakdown of extras, Agent will call for repairs upon notification. Due to their intrinsic delicacy, Tenant agrees there will be no refund for malfunction or breakdown of extras. In the event of a malfunction of any appliance or feature Tenant must notify Agent so repair can be made. Agent will expedite repair, but NO REFUND OF RENT WILL BE PAID. Every effort has been made to insure the information provided has been verified for accuracy regarding listings of furnishings or equipment. Changes and errors determined after the Lease Agreement is made will be corrected if possible upon Agent being informed. NO REFUNDS will be issued for any such changes or errors.

9. SECURITY DEPOSITS. In lieu of a Security Deposit, a non-refundable Deposit Damage Waiver Premium is included in your reservation to offset the required Security Deposit. This will cover you for UNINTENTIONAL and/or UNNEGLIGENT damage under $3000.  Upon Tenancy termination, the Agent will file a claim for any damages the Tenant was responsible for. Within ninety (90) days after Tenancy termination, an itemized list of damages and/or repairs (including tax) will be mailed to Tenant. Agent reserves the right to assess a Security Deposit for any rental.

10. MANDATORY EVACUATION. (a) If the Government orders a mandatory evacuation of this property, Tenant and occupants shall comply. Only if Tenant purchases Travel Insurance, will he be entitled to a daily refund from the Travel Insurance Company for each night of the order. Tenant shall NOT be entitled to a refund if: (I) Tenant did not purchase insurance, or (ii) property is not vacated. Before leaving, Tenant will close and lock all doors and windows, secure outside furniture, remove all Tenant items from premises, and return keys to Agent.  (b) PROPERTY DAMAGE. During this Lease Agreement if the building is damaged, without fault or negligence of the Tenant, and rendered uninhabitable and cannot be repaired within two days, this Lease Agreement shall terminate, and the Tenant shall pay the rent apportioned to the time of damage and the Owner/Agent may then re-enter the premises.

11. LOSS. Neither Owner nor Agent shall be liable for any damages or loss of personal property from any acts of negligence of any person, nor from the failure of any function of these premises. Owner or Agent shall not be liable for any injury to the Tenant or other persons on or about the premises, the Tenant expressly agreeing to hold the Owner and Agent harmless in all such causes. Response to Tenant request for return of personal items found in property will be made C.O.D. postage plus a $25 handling fee. Items unclaimed within two weeks of departure will be donated to charity.

12. OCCUPANCY. During this Lease Agreement the Tenant will be in possession of the premises and is responsible for the premises. The Tenant acknowledges this Lease Agreement is not related in any way to the tradition of Beach Week or other circumstances where a group including minors resides in a property as a group and arenot related family members. Fraternities, sororities and other such groups are expressly forbidden. BREACH of this article is grounds for immediate eviction without refund.  Tenant certifies that he/she is at least 24 years of age. Abusive or profane language directed at Dolphin Run Condominium Association employees may result in immediate eviction without refund.

13. (a) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISKS AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY FOR HOT TUB, SAUNA, POOL, and ELEVATOR hereinafter referred to as special feature. The Tenant acknowledges and understands the use of any special feature presents a risk of injury including burning or drowning, especially to unsupervised children; persons who have special cardiac or other health conditions, or are pregnant, or if the special feature is utilized while taking alcohol, drugs, or medication. The Tenant understands and accepts those risks. Tenant acknowledges that neither the Owner and/or Agent provide any special instruction or supervision to any person including young children who wish to utilize any special feature. Tenant accepts responsibility for the proper and safe use of facilities by any member of his party or any guests. NO DIVING into pool or hot tub. Tenant acknowledges the water is shallow and diving could cause serious injury or death.  (b) HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS AND INDEMNITY. Tenant acknowledges and understands that hazardous chemicals such as but not limited to cleaning supplies and pest repellents that may be left on the premises by Owner or previous Tenants may cause serious harm if improperly used and must be stored away by Tenant so that young children do not have access to them. Tenant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Owner and/or Agent for any injury, loss, cost or damage and expense resulting from any claim made by Tenant and/or any member of his party or his guests, resulting from the use of any special feature or hazardous chemical during the term of this Lease Agreement. Tenant shall be responsible to pay the cost of repair for any damage occurring to any such special feature resulting from the misuse or abuse thereof by himself or any member of his party or guest.

14. VENDORS. Agent receives commission on Vacation Travel and Security Deposit Insurance.

15. OWNER’S STORAGE. Locked areas such as owner’s personal storage areas are exempt from this Agreement and are off limits to the Tenant. Entry into these areas is cause for immediate eviction as provided and Tenant will be responsible for any damages and missing items.

16. PHONE/CABLE/INTERNET. Tenant will pay all toll calls, internet, or cable service charges, plus $50 collection cost, which result in extra cost to Owner’s phone/cable bill. All toll calls from property phones must be collect or credit card. Payment convenience fee (if any) accrues to Agent.

17. AGENCY. Owner and Tenant acknowledge their relationship was brought about through Dolphin Run Condominium Association, Agent for the Owner.

18. USAGE. This property will not be used for any activity that violates local, state or federal laws. Violation of this provision will cause immediate eviction and other legal action.

19.  Properties for Sale.  At various times Owners may list their units for sale.  In doing so, units may need to be viewed by potential interested parties.  Agent and Owner reserves the right to show the property listed for sale.  Every effort will be made by the Agent for the Owner to accommodate their needs as well as not inconveniencing the current Tenant by providing proper notification.  Tenant must comply with reasonable request by Agent.

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